Review: Richard Herring – As It Occurs To Me, Leicester Square Theatre, 12/02/17


After vowing never to repeat the experience, Richard Herring has overcome his better judgement to complete the fourth series of his ensemble show, which has just been released in audio podcast format.

Billed as a ‘topical stand-up and sketch show’, Herring admits that AIOTM consists mainly of ‘spunk-based humour’ and in-jokes that become more and more impenetrable to outsiders at the series progresses. For the core of comedy geeks who are regular listeners to the show, however, this exclusivity is part of the appeal.

For all Herring’s self-deprecating critique, AOITM is much more than crude gags. He kicks off the show with an irreverent critique of recent developments in the news. The Trump/Brexit era provides rich pickings. From mocking Jeremy Corbyn’s ineptitude on social media to celebrating the burgeoning allegiance between Donald Trump, Nigel Farage and Piers Morgan, Herring takes no prisoners. The running saga of the fictional Dr Seuss character ‘Farage in the Garage’ is a particular highlight.


Variety is provided by Christian Reilly’s satirical songs, stings and jingles which reverberated around my head long after the show ended.

Add to all this regular appearances from grotesque caricatures of Susan Boyle, her beloved partner the late Tam Dallyel and Herring’s erstwhile podcast partner Andrew Collings, and the result is a show replete with in-jokes, callbacks and general surreal mayhem. It won’t be for everyone, but those who love it, really love it.




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