3/3: Doc Brown


In the first of a series of three minute speed interviews, the delightful Doc Brown gave me a few minutes of his time to discuss night terrors, social anxiety and triple meat.

Jay Jay: So, what do you wake up screaming in the middle of the night?

Doc Brown: Haha! Oh God. I worry about absolutely everything, I’m constantly, constantly anxious. The really tragic thing about that question and the answer is that I don’t wake up screaming, I’m just lying there screaming, trying to get to sleep.

For me, [what keeps me awake] is definitely the future, in all its shapes and forms.

JJ: You mentioned in a recent interview that you suffer with social anxiety. What gets you performing when you’re feeling anxious?

DB: I really, really struggle with that. It’s the solitude – there’s a moment where I remind myself there’s a thousand people out there but [every] one of them would rather die than take your place right now. That’s the way I find an inner strength, I think none of them would do what I’m about to do.

JJ: So that makes you feel empowered?

DB: Yeah, it’s an empowerment.

Doc Brown Jay Jay Phoenix

JJ: I only have one question left: What’s your favourite service station?

DB: I wish I could remember what it’s called! It’s up North, it’s got like a proper farmer’s market thing in there so you can get amazing fresh meat, and a home farm. The last time I went there I bought what looked like a leg of lamb, but it was actually minced pork, wrapped in huge chops of pork, wrapped in bacon. It was outrageous!

[We conclude that we think the service station in question is Gloucester Gate].




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